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I was born in the city of Backa Topola in Serbia. I had always great famous basketball idols from my childhood beside the Yugoslavian/Serbia-Montenegrin/Serbian national team even in my home city too like for example Mladjen Silobad (Winner of Euroleague). I started coaching basketball when I was nearly 20 years old. I played for several basketball clubs but I made the decision early in my life to put my focus on coaching. I felt from the beginning that this is what I wanted to do.

To get big knowledge I visited lot of camps, travelled a lot to attend on Serbian and foreign basketball clinics and I had great former Yugoslavian Super League Head Coach mentor in my first Serbian club where I spent 9 years.

I enjoy the most about the coaching when I am feeling development at my players training by training. I am pushing that they need to become more motivated and more eager to work more and fight for their goals, for their club, for the community. After coming the most hardest thing in basketball: to build a real team! Players need to understand they need to make sacrifices for the team, club, community and just after to think about their individual goals. The good team is that when every player is helping and fixing the team mate’s mistake without saying any critic. 

I started like a sport manager and a coach in Serbia where I spent 9 years. During this 9 years I tried myself like senior and youth team coach on club level and at youth national teams too. After this 9 years I worked in other European and Asian countries like a Technical Director and Head Coach with senior and youth teams. I received many invitation and took part like a Technical Director or Head Coach in European and Asian International Basketball Camps too, and I was a lecturer too on European and Asian Basketball Clinics. For the past years I have been working as a Head Coach/Technical Director and have been a professional basketball coach now for 19 years. 

I was selected by the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board between 110 coaches from 44 countries in their program Coaches Academy.

In 2012 I founded my own company TOP SPORT. We organized many basketball camps in Europe and in Asia with collaboration of other sport companies.

Through basketball I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. I travelled all over the world and was able to visit many coaches, teams and many different countries and places. That is also how I build up my network. My network includes contacts from many countries both in Europe and Asia. 

Since I started coaching I have attended many clinics, camps, showcases and tryouts in Europe.